3 steps to the perfect muzzle

You will need: a soft measuring tape, paper clip, pen, paper and some treats for your patient dog

1. Measure the closed mouth circumference

Loop measuring tape around at the base of the snout (close to the head but away from the eyes) leaving room for the eyes to be able to see over the muzzle and affix the measuring tape using a paper clip. The measuring tape should not squeeze the chaps or have too much slack. The measuring tape should not slope towards the throat or the nose peak but face downwards vertically.

Note the measurements, preferably in centimeters. Please take a photo from the profile.

2. Measure the snout length

Measure from the bridge of the nose, just below eye level, to the end of the snout or to end of your dog's face, which may go beyond the snout in dogs with an under bite.

Note the measurements, preferably in centimeters. Please take a photo from vertically above.

Short snouts, underbite: please measure the length sideways not on top of the snout. Measure until the end of the snout – this might be the lip not the nose tip.

3. Enter the measurements

Please choose your color combination and select the options which fit your dog´s body structure and suit his or her personality. Enter the measurements into the BUMAS Online configurator.

What are the next steps?

Based on your information and measurements, we are going to send you a non-binding suggestion for the inner size of your BUMAS via e-mail. You are the expert for your dog, there for we ask you to check if your dog has enough space to pant and drink inside this measurement with a simple “pant control”. You are going to receive detailed instructions with the next e-mail. As soon as you completed the pant control we are going to send your BUMAS to our manufacturing department.

Feeling unsure about your measurements? To be on the safe side, upload your dog's measuring photos (at the end of the configuration process).  

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