What are BUMAS made of?

The Material we use is called BioThane®. It consists of nylon ribbons coated with PVC. Thus, your BUMAS is not only mold resistant, but also tear-proof and water-proof.

We only use non-toxic stainless steel rivets and book screws. Therefore your dog can drink and even swim, while wearing a BUMAS. To clean your BUMAS, use water and a drop of mild dish washing detergent, rinse and let it dry. It's that simple.

How much does a BUMAS cost?

Each muzzle is made individually, by hand and therefore has an individual price.

The factors for pricing include:

★ desired size and/or

★ desired colors and/or

★ additional options, such as Forehead strap, Security straps, Nose-free, etc.

The price ranges between $130 to $430. You can design your individual BUMAS in our configurator. At the end of the configuration process the price will be calculated according to your measurements. You can exit the ordering process at any time.

How do I choose the right size for my dog?

Please look at the instructions in our Measuring instructions.

Are you uncertain about anything? please contact us!

How long does it take for my BUMAS to be shipped?

We know that you are eager to finally hold your colorful BUMAS muzzle in your hands.

The production of your made-to-measure BUMAS muzzle starts as soon as the production measurements are confirmed and your payment arrives. It takes around 15 work days for your BUMAS to get ready to be shipped.

The production of our individual and custom made products takes 25 days at the moment. As soon as the BUMAS gets picked up by the shipping company we will send you a message.

Delivery period depends on country, estimates from experience are:

★ Austria: 1 to 2 work days

★ Germany, Switzerland, France: 2 to 5 work days

★ Europe: 5 to 14 work days

★ Overseas: 2 to 4 weeks, depending on custom delays.

First usage of your new BUMAS

Your adjustable dog muzzle needs the final fitting - this only takes a few minutes for a perfect fit.

Open the screws on the circumference strap (near the clasp) and the length strap (this runs along your dog's jawbone), adjust the straps to fit while your dog is wearing the BUMAS, and screw the straps into position.

Test these muzzle adjustments for two to three days, paying close attention to the fit. Your dog should not be able to unmask herself, but neither should the muzzle be too tight.

If you are satisfied with the fit of your comfort muzzle, fix the screws permanently by gluing them according to the instructions in the finishing kit.

How to fix the screws permanently?

If your adjustments are perfect, fix the screws permanently so that you do not lose them:

Open each screw, put a bit of superglue into the hole of the lower part and close the screw.

Allow your BUMAS to dry for about two hours and then it's ready for action!

Online orders of a custom-made BUMAS muzzle automatically contain a finishing kit (super glue plus some spare screws) and a detailed guide.

Why does the BUMAS I got have different measurements from what I've ordered?

You did measure the space your dog needs to pant and drink, so the measurements you ordered are taken on the inside of the muzzle.

How do I clean the BUMAS?

Your BUMAS is made from BioThane and stainless steel rivets and screws, hence they are easily cleaned.

Clean your BUMAS dog muzzle with water and a brush. Just let it dry – rubbing it down is not necessary. Of course the same treatment applies for our BUMAS BioThane® leashes and collars.

Do not use a hair dryer or oven to dry your BioThane dog supplies – this could create irreparable damage.

May I copy measurements from a previous muzzle?

The design of other pet basket muzzles are not comparable to a custom-made BUMAS. Form and design are made to measure and differ greatly - therefor we strongly recommend to measure your individual dog's snout according to our instructions.

Please note that measuring other muzzle types might cause the muzzle to be 2-6cm bigger than the actual size needed, thus the proper dimensions will be incorrect.

Buckle vs. click clasp

Click Clasps

Pros: The fastest way to muzzle and unmuzzle your dog. Easy to use. Incredibly strong lock under tension.

Cons: Misalignment at insertion can break the latch. It is quick to put in but take care that it is properly aligned.


Pros: Perfect for dogs who need to be sheared often or blow there coats seasonally enough to gain or lose an inch or two of fur density around their necks.

Cons: Not as quick to attach as the Click Clasp.

Is a BUMAS muzzle adjustable only to pre-cut holes, or will I be able to adjust it any place along the strap?

For simple adjustment use the pre-cut holes we have provided in advance. If those are not sufficient you can easily punch in further holes with a simple hole-puncher (size: 2,5mm) used by shoemakers or with leather products.

With the buckle clasp, do I still initially adjust the side straps & glue the rivets into place? Or do they come in a fixed position based on my dog's measurements?

Yes, to make your BUMAS the perfect fitting muzzle you will need to make the last adjustments. The side straps, and clasp straps can be unscrewed and repositioned. Once they are in the correct place we strongly advise that you put super glue into the srews to keep them permantently in place. Otherwise they are going to unscrew themselves due to the movement of the material and get lost.

Why a Forehead strap?

With the forehead strap you gain extra stability. Some talented dogs can try to pull the muzzle of their snout. The Forehead strap makes that very difficult. Therefore we recommend a head strap for dogs who are not used to muzzles. If you choose a removable head strap you can always decide to remove it if your dog doesn't need it anymore.

How is the forehead strap attached?

There are two types of foreheadstrap, one can be removed by unscrewing it at the base and the other is fixed with a rivet to the basket of the muzzle. If you don't know if you want to keep the forehead strap on forever, choose the removable one and you can always super glue it in place if you decide it should be permanent. With the non permanent one you will need to tighten the screw occassionally so that it does not come undone.

Does one of the clasps work better with the forhead strap than the other?

No, either works well on our humane dog muzzle.

Is there any additional measurement I need to include for the head strap?

No, we do not need any additional measurment for the forehead strap. The forehead strap is produced according to the size of the muzzle and can be adjusted very easily. If for some reason we need another measurement, we will be sure to contact you before finishing your order.

What is the best way to get in contact with the staff?

Please understand that we are a small company with 8 employees. We are located in Austria which probably has a different time zone as you do and this might cause that it takes longer for us to respond. It is the easyiest way to contact us via email ursula@bumas.at or via facebook BUMAS US. We will try to respond to your message as soon as possible. "get in contact"

Can I treat my dog while he is wearing a BUMAS?

Depending on the size of the treats it is possible to stick the treats through the side straps of the BUMAS. If your BUMAS has security or extra safety straps treating through the straps takes some practice. Due to safety reasons the gaps between the straps are quite narrow and leave little room for sticking treats through. However, drinking and panting is always possible while wearing BUMAS muzzle !

Can my dog play while wearing a BUMAS?

Basically yes, although it depends on the kind of play. We do not recommend any kind of Fetch. Although the soft BioThane® muzzle bends under pressure in the front, it is very hard for your dog to grab any kind of toy through the muzzle. It takes a lot of skill and time for your dog and it's hardly possible with Security straps. Picking up toys causes damage in the material as indicated in the picture below.

Thanks to the inner belt the tear-resistance and security function hardly diminishes with damages on the outer BioThane® layer. This mechanical damage is no quality flaw, but material-specific (comparable to leather straps) and does not fall under warranty. Just like a leather strap, the BioThane® straps can be chewed on, but because of the inner fabric layer it won't tear.

Improper usage of BUMAS muzzles

BioThane® is a soft and comfortable material. Digging, fetching, tearing down or removing a BUMAS forcefully, as well as gnawing or chewing on straps is consideres improper usage of the BUMAS. Damage caused by any such activity does not fall under warranty. We suggest careful muzzle training.

Why have a dog muzzle with an "Animal welfare certificate"?

Out greatest concern is to provide a custom-made dog muzzle, which fits comfortably while leaving enough space to pant and drink. We ensure that through several check backs within the "Pant control" with every dog owner. Our efforts are rewarded with the "animal welfare certificate" of the independent department for animal-friendly husbandry and animal welfare of the Veterinary University Vienna. BUMAS is a comfortable, humane dog muzzle.

What is the "Pant Control" and why do I have to do this?

Your dog regulates his body temperature through panting, but every dog has its individual style of doing that. The manner of panting does not only depend on form, size of the snout, level of exertion and age but also on your dog's traits. In order for the BUMAS not to become a too big or too small muzzle we need the knowledge of the dog owner, who is the on-site expert of his/her dog. That's why we send out a request called "Pant Control" with detailed instructions on how to check the open mouth circumference while panting.

What's the "right size" of a BUMAS muzzle?

Your beloved dog should be able to pant and drink comfortably while wearing a BUMAS.

Length (L): In order for the sensitive tip of the snout not to touch the front of the muzzle, the BUMAS has to be a little longer than the snout's length. This is also important for your dog to lick his nose tip. In order for your dog's sight not to be restricted ny the BUMAS and provide a best fit muzzle, it has to sit underneath the eye line on the nasal bridge.

Circumference (C): There should be enough room inside the BUMAS for your dog's chaps not to be squeezed and to freely pant and drink.

We are going to send you a brochure with detailed instruction on how to adjust your BUMAS to a best fit muzzle correctly.

Can my dog drink muzzled on?

Yes, your dog can drink while wearing a BUMAS muzzle. The material is waterresistant, moldresistant and the rivets are stainless. Check it out!

You are not able to select your country on our website?

Please contact us and we are going to activate your country and contact you again as soon as we are done.

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