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"A practical and stylish dog collar"

BUMAS BioThane® Collars

riveted multiple times

different clasps matching your dog's needs

soft rounded edges

smooth surface against hair breakage

waterproof and moisture-repellent

high resistance to soiling

hygienic and easy to clean

A dog collar is the basic equipment for every dog. BUMAS BioThane® collars are tear resistant and do not cause fur breakage.

BUMAS Collar "Convenience"

Metal buckle, two rings to thread in

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Old but Gold - that's our "Convenience" Collar. You can thread the loose end of the collar through two rings and fast the leash in the bigger one. Simple, plain and suitable for every dog. The ordered length is calculated on the middle hole, so there is still room in both directions.

The BUMAS collar "Convenience" is available in 55 sizes and 4 widths and can be adjusted further with multiple holes.

BUMAS Collar "Sport"

Light security-click clasp, little material, made to measure

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This collar is made for very active and athletic dogs. It is very light with a security-click clasp and since it is made to measure, as little material as possible is used.

The BUMAS collar "Sport" is made to measure from 16cm up to 65cm, selectable in Centimeter steps and available in 4 widths.

BUMAS Collar "Elements"

Two-tone, fashionable, metal buckle

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The collar "Elements" consists of a high-quality metal buckle and two different belts in different widths, which allow you to combine two colors to match your dog, your BUMAS muzzle or other accessoires. A must-have item for all fashion-conscious dog owners. The ordered length is calculated on the middle hole, so there is still room in both directions.

The BUMAS collar "Elements" is available in 22 sizes and in 2 widths, combine 2 colors.

BUMAS Collar "Heavy Duty"

Extra wide collar, strain relief with security-click-clasp, adjustable

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The collar "Heavy Duty" is extra wide and constructed in a way to spread strain and tension evenly on the neck. A strong ring and a security-click clasp makes this collar perfect for heavy and big dogs.

The BUMAS collar "Heavy Duty" is available in 25mm sizes, with a width starting at 18. It is adjustable in length to fit your dog perfectly.

VETs agree that as long as there is no pressure on a collar, it is even more comfortable for a dog than a dog harness, because the freedom of movement is increased.

BUMAS "Reflective"

Security for dog and owner is our first priority. That's why all our collars and leashes are also available in reflective BioThane®. to increase the visability of your dog! "Reflective" is available in 19mm width and in 4 different colors: black, teal, neon yellow & neon pink .

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