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"The perfect leash for the walk with your dog."

BUMAS BioThane® leashes

soft and rounded edges

tear resistant and riveted three times

colorful and customizable

four widths for small and big dogs

waterproof and easy to clean

The right leash used in the right way improves the movement leeway, offers mor control and reduces the risk of injuries. Thus a BUMAS leash can be "freedom for your dog" and a good foundation for a strong relationship.


BUMAS leashes come as hand loops, normal leashes, and tracking leashes with widths of 9, 13, or 16mm and reflecting in 19mm. Because the leashs are hand made, they are available in 10 different lengths, suitable for all purposes.

BUMAS leash "control"

0,5m long, different widths with a hand loop

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This type of leash is shorter than normal leashes. Often used in public transports, or special trainings. The leash "control" offers a high level of control and safety, but little room for movement.

BUMAS leash "Easy Going"

Different lengths and widths with a hand loop

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This type of leash is standard equipment for every dog owner. Since this leash is individually selectable in length and width, it is suitable for every dog. The practical hand loop provides security in many situations.

BUMAS tracking leash "Sport"

Different lengths and widths with three different handle options

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This leash is the perfect equipment for outdoors and training, according to your taste with a hand loop, carabiner or no handle at all. The tracking leash "Sport" gives your dog room to play, sniff and work.

BUMAS adjustable Leash "Convenience"

3-way adjustable, 2 colors to choose from

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Short or long - you are all set. This leash is made with two carabiners, allowing walks hands free - one carabiner is attached to the dogs collar or harness, the other carabiner can be attached to a waistbelt or similar at the dog owner. The leash "Convenience" is flexible and versatile and allows you to combine two colors.

BUMAS adjustable Leash "Elements"

3-way adjustable, fashionable, 4 colors to choose from

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The perfect combination to your BUMAS Muzzle - flexible and versatile - for each and every dog and purpose. Up to 4 different colors can be mixed and matched with the adjustable leash "Elements".

To wear muzzle or leash is no torment with BUMAS: to make the right choice means a lot more freedom for you and your dog. BUMAS - das Original. is animal welfare certified.

BUMAS "Reflective"

Security for dog and owner is our first priority. That's why all our collars and leashes are also available in reflective BioThane®. to increase the visability of your dog! "Reflective" is available in 19mm width and in 5 different colors: black, teal, brown, neon yellow & neon pink .

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